Family service for Mother's day!

Instead of a traditional sermon, we had a conversation between Moses' mother and Jesus' mother, Mary. Both talking about their children! Do read on and let me know if you enjoy it as much as we did.
Moses' mother
Hi, I was born over 3500 years ago in Egypt. I am sorry, I can't tell you my name as it isn't mentioned in the bible. I am not an Egyptian but a Hebrew. Our people were slaves in Egypt and times were becoming increasingly difficult for us. There were more and more of us and the Egyptians started to see us as a threat. Their answer was to give an order that all baby boys should be killed.
Hi, I wasn't born as long ago as this lady, but it was just over 2000 years ago. My name is Mary. I'm one of her ancestors and lived at a time when our country had a king but we were really
ruled by the Romans. Our king, who was not very good, had to do as the Romans said.
Moses' mother
I had a son and he should have died but I decided to give him a chance of surviving
so I hid him in a basket in the reeds at the edge of the river Nile.
I had a son and some special visitors who came to see him visited our king looking for him. King Herod was jealous and tried to kill him but we were warned of this by an angel and fled into
exile in Egypt until the king was dead.
My son was rescued by one of the royal princesses and brought up in the royal household. I was even employed as his nurse to look after him. Wonderful, I got paid for bringing up my own son!
The princess called him 'Moses' - I think you might have heard about him.
After Egypt we came back and settled in Nazareth. Joseph, my husband, was a carpenter and my son helped him in the family business. Times were tough for us but good. Before my baby was born, God told Joseph that my son was to be called 'Jesus' - I am sure you will
have heard of him.
I believed my son was born and lived for a special purpose and that was to help his own people.
We were told my son was born for a special purpose and that he would save his people.
Moses took this on board but I think things went wrong because in trying to defend one of our people he was misunderstood and threatened. He got scared by this and fled into the desert.
He was there for forty years looking after sheep.
Jesus spent time in the desert too, forty days, he went without food and water and was seriously tested by the devil who wanted him to do things his way and not God's.
Moses' mother
The Lord came and spoke to my son from a burning bush and told him to go to the king and ask him to let our people go free. That went down badly but the Lord showed who was boss by
sending lots of plagues on the Egyptians and finally the king said 'go' and they went. Their escape route was though the Red Sea - God divided the waters so they could cross. They ended up in the desert for another forty years.
My son gathered a group of 12 followers known as disciples. He taught people about the Lord and healed people. Lots of people listened to him and he gave special teaching to the 12. He
also had a thing about water - he didn't divide it but he walked on it! Oh, and once he turned gallons of it into wine!
Moses' mother
Moses taught the people about the Lord too. The Lord appeared before him at Mount Sinai and gave him lots of teaching and instructions for the people. Amongst them were the 10 commandments. Sadly, the people didn't always take what the Lord was saying
to them very seriously.
Jesus had people who thought they had the laws given to your son all sorted out so they could keep them. Jesus said they were messing with it for their own interests and stopping
ordinary people getting close to God. They thought he broke these laws and they didn't like this or the way he suggested God was his Father. I knew he was right because of how his birth
came about.
Moses' mother
On Mount Sinai the Lord God appeared and he allowed Moses to see him as he
had gone by.
One day my son went up a mountain and the prophet Elijah appeared with him, and guess who else was there - your son Moses! In the presence of Moses and Elijah and three of Jesus closest
followers, God spoke and said Jesus was his son and that he was well pleased with him and that people should listen to him.
Moses' mother
God had promised that he would give our people their own land and Moses
took them right to the edge of it but it was Joshua who led them into it. Moses
did do as God had called him to and led the people out of slavery in Egypt and got them to the promised land. In that way God saved them.
Jesus was sent by his Father to save people from sin and death. In doing this it became possible for them to be part of God's family and go to another promised land - heaven. For that to
happen Jesus passed through death on a cross. I was there and saw it. It was horrible. But, he did pass through death and I saw him after his resurrection and stayed with his disciples after
he went back to heaven.
Moses' mother
I think my son Moses kind of prepared some stuff for your son even though it
was so long before.
I agree and I think that is because God is working with an end in mind all the time.
Moses' mother
What a worry and responsibility it is being a mother!
It's worth it though, especially when God has his hand on it all!


Brewood week-end part 2

It seems that I wrote part 1 such a long time ago! I meant to post the sequel quickly but circumstances changed. I had to prepare for an interview for yesterday and things got hectic. So, now, I can resume it at last.

Sunday afternoon, Steven and I went walking by the Shropshire Union canal. This is a view from the bridge looking down on the road. From the road, the bridge looks very ordinary so it is a bit of a surprise when you walk up to discover this big canal!

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this cute moor hen

We walked for about two hours which is in itself an exploit! On the way back, I noticed this eco-friendly narrow boat, it has got solar panels and what seems to be a wind turbine. There arn't that many around! We met up quite a number of friendly people, mostly the owners of the narrow boats, busy looking after them.
The sun came out for a while and it was lovely to sit down on a bench by the canal warming up!

I am so glad we spent this week-end relaxing. It helped Steven to recover from his laryingitis quicker!
On the way back, I was so grateful to the Lord, I praised him and glorified him. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and joy. I thanked him for this long week-end, for giving us the opportunity to admire his mighty works. In Jesus's name.


Not an ordinary Sunday! Busy, busy!

When I woke up today, I knew that I had an exceptionnal day ahead.
First I had to catch my husband before he dashed for a service at Hopton church for 9:30. I only spoke to him for 5 min! Then I had another daunting task, to wake up three teenagers Imogen and her friends, Lizzie and Charlotte who went to bed late the previous night and this can be a challenge especially when they have to be ready for church at 11:15.
Before that, I made some fresh coffee. Surprisingly there was a croissant hanging there in the bread box. I never had any trouble waking up Camille, our 18 y.old.
Amazingly, Lizzie was up too, while Imogen was pretending to be still asleep. Come on guys, you have less than 1 hour to get ready. Suddenly we have a situation, Imogen declares she won't go to church. As it is not the first time, I am not too phased! I go back to my office to listen to the latest sermon on Winchester Family church website, here is their link, I recommend it! http://www.winfam.org/Media/AllMedia.aspx Here is a short snipet (my notes) of what i heard :
The uniqueness of Jesus is the only way in which salvation can be given to all nations, every tribe, nation and tongue. Jesus is like a second Adam, he was unique. He is the incarnate God. Only Him can solve the real problem that every human being has, disconnection with God and sins.
He bore our sins on his body on the cross. This is not just a western thing, this is the truth for all nations. We are reconciled to God through Jesus. No other religious teacher died for your sins, rose from the dead. Our focus is on Jesus. Human beings can destroy themselves but cannot save themselves. Salvation is found only one way, through Jesus. By grace. You accept it or not. You cannot alter it.
There is much more.
Then, I gathered the last bits I needed for Sunday school. Eventually the girls are ready.We had a brill service! I enjoyed talking to our friends so much.Thinking again about this hectic morning, I know I couldnt have done any of that without the help of our Saviour!
PS The real date of this post is Sunday 11/01/09. I am regrouping some previous posts!


The Way of the Master

Tonight, I found out this very special blog : http://www.raycomfortfood.blogspot.com/
It's worth visiting! I knew about Kirk and Ray' tv programme and internet site, www.wayofthemaster.com
It is just an amazing way of preaching the Gospel in the streets!
What the fossil records reveal:


Our week-end 17 miles away from home! (part 1)

Two weeks ago, Steven managed to book a pitch for the caravan in a farm near Brewood. He travelled there on the Thursday while I stayed home with Imogen that evening. She had to sort her bag as she was going to stay Friday night and Saturday night at her best friend! In the morning, everything was going hectic even though I got out of bed at 6 20 ! In the end I left for school right on time without forgetting to warn Imogen about not letting Lucy in the house when she sets off to school. Be reassured, Lucy is the neighbour's cat who thinks she belongs to our house and she has done so even with the previous occupiers. If you let the front door open for 10 sec, she dashes up the stairs and finds a cosy place to sleep on one of the beds! Friday after school, I met up with Steven and we had a lovely diner. Saturday we went to visit Ironbridge.

At lunch time we had a drink and a snack at a delightful pub: the Fat Frog where we found out that the landlord was a French person! Of course, I did wonder! Taking advice of the local people there we walked down the road to see the remnants of the oldfurnace where the iron was melted and brought to the river Severn where they builit the Ironbridge. There were also lots of museums.

A very interesting visit!
In the afternoon, we went to see the Cold War exhibition a the RAF Museum in Cosford.
I do recommend it for those of you who like either planes or history! Lots of parents with school kids, teenagers were there as well visiting and queuing to go on board.