March for Jesus

This morning, in church, my hubby talked about the 'March for Jesus' in Brazil. Between 1 and 2 million Brazilian Christians coming from all over the country took to the streets of Sao Paulo. The above photo says it all: it was a complete success. They were singing to gospel music and though it was organised by evangelical groups, other denominations were there too. This march has been held since 1993. Well, I'd loved to see the same thing happening here in the UK. Wouldn't it be fantastic! What are your views on this? Have a blessed week. N.


Who edits your church bulletin?

I write the church bulletin each week. Last week by complete accident instead of putting in "Pastor Vill will be giving this weeks exciting messages" I wrote: "This week Pastor Vill will be giving this weeks exciting massages."

Another time I was supposed to write "Forgiveness can send you to hell" and I accidentally wrote: "Forgiveness will send you to hell."

Needless to say that now my work is checked before the bulletins are printed and passed out in church.


Photo Justin Thomas