Bring back our girls!

This afternoon, when I came back from school, I was pleased to hear my hubby mention that Boko Haram agreed to release the schoolgirls. Here is the article in the BBC news. Nigeria's military says it has agreed a ceasefire with Islamist militants Boko Haram - and that the schoolgirls the group has abducted will be released.
Nigeria's chief of defence staff, Alex Badeh, announced the truce. Boko Haram has not made a public statement.
The group has been fighting an insurgency since 2009, with some 2,000 civilians reportedly killed this year.
Boko Haram sparked global outrage six months ago by abducting more than 200 schoolgirls.
The girls were seized in the north-eastern town of Chibok in Borno state, and their continued captivity has led to criticism of the Nigerian government's efforts to secure their release.
Members of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign said in a tweet on Friday: "We are monitoring the news with huge expectations."'Cautiously optimistic'
Air Chief Marshal Badeh revealed the truce at the close of a three-day security meeting between Nigeria and Cameroon. He said Nigerian soldiers would comply with the agreement.
Let's unite in one accord and pray that Boko Haram keeps his word and release our girls promptly. Father you know what's what, your eyes see deep in people's hearts, may the students' kidnappers hear you and release all the girls quickly. We ask you in Jesus' name, our King, saviour and redeemer,