Merry Christmas to you

Wishing you a blessed Christmas in the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus-Christ.


Jesus, the anointed one

I hope that you are all having a super Sunday. Here, it is a beautiful day the sun is shining. However, the wind is cold so wrap up. I actually walked to church and did not bother to put a scarf or a hat. At the end of the service, my friend Joan asked me if I wanted a lift and after hesitating, I agreed. I am glad I did because the cold wind went through me when I walked home the short distance from the top of our close! 
I discovered a new hymn today, ' Jesus, the anointed one, short but beautiful in my opinion. I haven't stopped humming it since I've been home. Let me know what you think! Have an excellent Sunday. Blessings. N


I am coming soon

Luke 21:5ff but with special reference to vv 25-36

There is certainly one thing that Jesus talks about in this passage that has already happened -  the fall of Jerusalem and what triggered the whole conversation was that the disciples were admiring the temple which had been there for a few years, the third temple and Jesus says is will be destroyed. Around AD 70 it was. As for the other things he talks about in this passage time does not matter and Jesus moves between different eras as though all are the same and in a way they are to him!  Some of these things have happened, some have always happened and some are to come.

I am coming soon.

If you go to the book of Revelation there is this language that can be difficult. However there is a very simple message in Revelation and that is that God is in control and through Jesus has won the victory and one of these days he is coming again in victory and it will be fulfilled in a perfect and satisfying way. When Jesus came, people had expectations of the long expected Messiah and they got it wrong. They expected him to be a mighty leader and ruler who would free them from Rome and bring a mighty Jewish Kingdom. Jesus blew it all out of the water and has established a kingdom that is bigger than expected and bigger than any other in all ages that crosses all boundaries.

Nobody then envisaged that the Messiah was going to hang upon a cross but it is there in Isaiah chapter 52 ...the suffering servant, God's promised one, brings you and me life if we put our trust in Him. He fulfilled all things in OT Scripture beyond expectation and the same will be true when He comes again. We'll turn round and we'll say wow, wow, I never thought it would be like that. God has an eye for detail and it will be right!

Jesus talks about sign in the sun, stars and the moon and we may not see what he means by that – now. These are the sorts of things that confuse us.

But when he talks about nations being in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea we can understand a little better - this millennium we've seen two tsunamis, the demolishing of the houses in Whitby this week, and sea levels are rising- it’s serious. He is coming again whether it's before lunch or later. .who knows!

Jesus draws upon a picture from the book of Daniel, a vision that Daniel had of the Son of man. In the Old Testament it could just mean a person, a man, Ezekiel uses it all the time of himself. If you read Daniel 7, you will see that the person spoken of there is clearly somebody other than an ordinary human being, and it's actually God and Jesus uses the phrase quite regularly of himself through his ministry as it had an ambiguity about it. Here though he is explicit, you will see the Son of Man coming and he draws directly and specifically on the words of Daniel; Jesus sees himself as being God.

When he comes all will see him come and I don’t think it will be television – God is better  and bigger than television and he’ll use his own means!

Jesus won't be coming as a vulnerable babe who people can argue with, He will be coming as the King of all ages and before him every knee will bow, (Philippians 2:11), people who believe and people who don't believe, He will have total and utter authority. The son of Man is coming. So He goes on to say:  stand in confidence, lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. So many things squish us, even as Christians, we can get pessimistic, but Jesus says: put your head up in me, look at who I am, look at what I have done; whatever happens in this world, whatever happens in this human frail Christian church, there will be people there when Jesus comes back and the saints go marching in.

Jesus words are secure. My words will endure even though heaven and earth pass away but His words will be fulfilled completely and in a satisfying way. He says, read the signs, you see the fig tree budding, we know that spring is coming, when those signs are taking place, you know that the Kingdom is coming. We can see those signs around; we need to be ready for that day when He comes. He is saying be ready at all times, that is the emphasis. Are you ready for the Lord of eternity? Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, come!

Rev. Steven Abram
Hello bros and sis, this was said at Millwich church last Sunday. Don't you find this message full of joy and light! May the Lord bless you. In Jesus'name. Nicky.
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