A new page

Hi, I hope that you are all well and getting ready to have a wonderful week-end.
I have added a new page called videos. After a bit of trouble (and time) uploading last Sunday's sermon on You Tube, I am pleased to say the first video is there and running (so to speak). There is another one to come, filmed at the Renewal day in Lichfield but I am not sure that I will be able to upload today as I must make sure that I am 100% ready for our trip to Heacham (Norfolk) where dad lives.
Imo's gone to London to visit the BBC as part of her course so she will be back late at 19 00 then she is off to a party and while she is there, I will be partying too at my Spanish club. Feeling guilty as I have not seen them for some months!
The plan is that tomorrow morning Imo and I will get up fairly early and drive there. As I don't do Sat nav, I will rely on Imo being the navigator, using the map Steven's kindly printed for me....in the past she has been very good so hopefully we will not get lost! Do keep us in your prayers. Blessings N.


How to relate the Word to the world?

Tonight, I have stumbled upon a really interesting site called The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity founded by John Stott a bit more than 25 years ago.  I quote: 'He (John Stott) saw the urgent need to enable Christians to integrate their faith with their whole life - at work as well as in the neighbourhood, in the lecture theatre as well as in the sanctuary. Part of John's genius was not only to be a genuinely great bible teacher, but to see the key issues of the time. When he brought LICC to birth he saw the key issue, 'Is Jesus lord of all, or not?' 'It aims at 'equipping Christians and churches for whole-life discipleship in the world'.
The site is huge and the resources cover six themes, engage with the bible,engage with culture, imagine project, engage with work, engage with youth, John Stott.  and plenty of articles, ..I enjoyed very much listening to John Stott's interviews and browsing the numerous articles. What appealed to me the most is this desire to tell the truth about Christianity.


To you O Lord I lift up my soul!

To You O Lord I lift up my soul
In you I trust O my God
Do not let me be put to shame
Nor let my enemies triumph over me

No one whose hope is in you
Will ever be put to shame
That's why my eyes are on you Oh Lord

Surround me, defend me
Oh how I need you
To you I lift up my soul
To you I lift up my soul

Show me your ways and teach me your paths
Guide me in truth lead me on
For you're my God, you are my Saviour

I bought a CD of Graham Kendrick a while ago and then thought I'd listen to it in the car. So this is one of my favourite. If you want to listen to it, click on the link http://www.youtube.com/embed/nG8wchDPa8I 



Crisis in self-esteem

I have just listened to an interview of the journalist Tanith Carey on Premier Christian Radio thus discovering her book 'Where has my little girl gone? 
She is covering a whole range of issues in her book, i.e. Helping girls fight back against the desire to be thin and the pressure to buy, How to teach your daughter to feel good about herself, Build your daughter's self-esteem so she is strong enough to deal with the pressure to behave older than her years..
A teacher in  her daughter's primary school confided that he was shocked that a little boy had spent an hour applying gel in his hair and thus missing on breakfast. 
Tanith Carey insisted that mothers must be very careful about what they say in front of their children..i.e my bum is too big or 'I'm going on a diet' because children understand much more than you think and will check their body in the mirror .. 
There is a big increase of beauty pageants in the states..
Tanith who spent a whole day in a cosmetic surgery clinic was surprised to see that all the people there were under 25 y.o. and carried a list of items to be done. She realised what happened, their parents had already paid for their older sisters..in a society where youngsters cannot find a deposit for a house, parents were paying for these. .what they look like is not the most important thing..
Parents don't know where to turn to! With this book, this a call to parents to resist peer pressure..Tanith's wish is to empower parents take steps towards building their daughters self-esteem, i.e. what to say when your daughter wants an inappropriate t-shirt. 
Just letting you know that if you have not listened to Premier Christian Radio yet, do so, as it is so enjoyable, and personally I find it to be a blessing. N