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Hi, I hope that you are all well and getting ready to have a wonderful week-end.
I have added a new page called videos. After a bit of trouble (and time) uploading last Sunday's sermon on You Tube, I am pleased to say the first video is there and running (so to speak). There is another one to come, filmed at the Renewal day in Lichfield but I am not sure that I will be able to upload today as I must make sure that I am 100% ready for our trip to Heacham (Norfolk) where dad lives.
Imo's gone to London to visit the BBC as part of her course so she will be back late at 19 00 then she is off to a party and while she is there, I will be partying too at my Spanish club. Feeling guilty as I have not seen them for some months!
The plan is that tomorrow morning Imo and I will get up fairly early and drive there. As I don't do Sat nav, I will rely on Imo being the navigator, using the map Steven's kindly printed for me....in the past she has been very good so hopefully we will not get lost! Do keep us in your prayers. Blessings N.

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Honeycombs said...

Hope you had a good time Nicky, these holidays seem to go oh so quickly. Have a blessed weekend. Jean x