New job

I have started teaching in a new school. It's great and it keeps me busy! However, my routine is about to change. Whereas I used to go to bed between 23 and midnight, I seriously need to think about going earlier, say 10 o'clock! Unfortunately my body does not like changes and to catch up loss sleep I ended up falling asleep on thursday morning after sending Imo to school, until 11! Oops, lazy me! Oh i forgot to mention that to get to school for 8, I need to get up between 6 and 6:30..Ok I realise I have had cushy until now. Plenty of workers get up even earlier. I've managed to get away. The best exemple was when i was teaching at the Isle of Man and living in the boarding school, i could get up at 7:30 if need be (late nights again marking obviously!!) and be fresh and ready at my desk at 8! This was the exception. I remember the days when I was hired as a cleaner in Slough college, I had to be there for 6! and to this day I cannot remember how I managed that job and then be at Dorothy Perking for 9..Money was scarce and I desperately wanted to go back to the Auvergne and see my mum...
Going back to the present! I am enjoying very much this new position and everything about it, so praise the Lord! He has rescued me once again and I am so grateful!
Tonight is Imo's birthdy party.!