Good afternoon from Civray in the Poitou region. This is not quite a holiday but an exploration of the area where we are going to move next year. Yesterday we had a very relaxing time gardening in our new house together, Steven was clipping the overgrown bushes, a particularly massive bay leaf tree, while |I was battling with a cruel ivy round a lovely cherry tree and another ivy attacking our entrance gates. It took ages to get rid of it and the battle is not finished yet. We are planning to do more tomorrow. 
As you may realise, the Poitou is in France however when you walk round Civray you may think that you are in Great-Britain, The numbers of Brits living there or visiting families there is incredible. I am not sure that Steven should need to learn French, the lucky one! lol
Hope you are all having a beautiful day whether you are at work or on holidays. 
Blessings in Christ, N.