House of bread

House of Bread (HOB) is an organisation that offers a home-cooked meal for homeless and vulnerable people in Stafford, England and the surrounding area.
We run our humble operation out of a church kitchen in the centre of Stafford town. Each week our volunteers take turns to cook a hot, home-cooked meal for our guests, who are growing in their numbers every week. Fantastic homely meals aren't the only thing on the HOB menu, friendship, support, advice and someone to listen are available to all our visitors, or as we like to call them our friends.
Ask any of our visitors and they will tell you, it isn't a house that makes a home; it’s the family inside it. House of Bread is like a real home; we eat together, laugh together, cry together, share success and support each other in times of crisis.
A short promotional video that encapsulates the work of House of Bread. This video was kindly produced by Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson Productions.