Monday..off...light stuff!

Yes, monday and thursday are my days off school and I love it! Don't get me wrong, I love going to school and teach but at the moment, the thought of being free to do what I want is fab..
Well, sometimes things don't go quite the way they should.
For instance, Imogen somehow didn't hear her alarm so I hear this tiny voice, mum, I'm running late..Emerging slowly,..me : what time is it? ..8..oh and could you iron my black top?
Oups, this is when duty calls, so I get up and go straight away in the kitchen to iron that thing..of course, i should have done it last night..but it was getting late...In the end, she was right, i took her to school and came back straigth away..and a warm and cosy smell of coffee was waiting for me,
courtesy of Steven..
Later on, I got a text from Imogen, mum, I forgot my notes for college, could you bring them please..
So, at lunch time, I did and this time headed to Liddle for a bit of shopping. I was supposed to buy their delicious 100% arabica coffee but of course, I came back with more stuff, namely, chunky kitkat..and hot cross buns..these are healthier than croissants, of course they do not taste the same...