Happy New Year 2012

to all of you who read this blog. May the Lord bless you richly!
If it is your first time visiting, a warm welcome to you, I hope you will enjoy your tour, leave a comment and come back.
 Have you had time to formulate your new resolutions? Steven makes us laugh when he declares in a very serious voice that his resolution is not to eat any ice-cream (for example) until the end of the year. I must add that he says that on the 31st of December at 6 p.m. Well we find it funny..So generally speaking we have given up on making resolutions.!
Today we took Camille to the station as she is going back to uni to do an internship for a few weeks. Then we went for a walk in Doxey park for an hour. It was lovely to share a quiet moment... trying to skip the puddles, avoid skidding on the mud and ultimately sit in the hide to observe a few seagulls arguing over..well, it was difficult to say why!
I have resumed reading 'The Discipline of Grace' by Jerry Bridges. For those of you who have not read it, let me quote a bit of the summary on the back page: Being a Christian is more than just coming to Christ. It's about growing and becoming like Jesus.. I'll say no more. I have just started Chapter 5, the discipline of Grace, concept based on Titus 2: 11-12 ..Let me know if you have read that book too!
I also discovered a new song.

Not Guilty Anymore - Aaron Keyes

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