How to pray

Last saturday, we spent a day in Doxey church listening to Mother Winsome. The theme for the day was Transformation in Christ: coming close to God on the path of holiness. Here are some personal comments.

During the first session entitled Personal Holiness, Sister Winsome engaged us to speak about prayers. She asked us some challenging questions, first, did we pray at all ? or was is 'arrow prayers' ? How did we pray? Was it in a quiet place? without interruption? Sister Winsome told us she had to get up at 5 a. m. to spend this special time praying otherwise she would be distracted by all sorts during the day..

Soon, questions were fusing..Was bible reading same as praying? No, as this was not the same, not establishing this special conversation between us and the Lord. However, you could meditate on a verse or two then pray. Also listening to Christian music was a good introduction. Praying is this special time with your Father, when you speak to him and he listens to you and speak back to you. One cannot exagerate the importance of silence and concentration. So much so that she gave us some tips, if anything distracts you, write it down and keep on concentrating..

You may know it already, it's a sort of discipline. It does not come naturally, we need to persevere!