How to relate the Word to the world?

Tonight, I have stumbled upon a really interesting site called The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity founded by John Stott a bit more than 25 years ago.  I quote: 'He (John Stott) saw the urgent need to enable Christians to integrate their faith with their whole life - at work as well as in the neighbourhood, in the lecture theatre as well as in the sanctuary. Part of John's genius was not only to be a genuinely great bible teacher, but to see the key issues of the time. When he brought LICC to birth he saw the key issue, 'Is Jesus lord of all, or not?' 'It aims at 'equipping Christians and churches for whole-life discipleship in the world'.
The site is huge and the resources cover six themes, engage with the bible,engage with culture, imagine project, engage with work, engage with youth, John Stott.  and plenty of articles, ..I enjoyed very much listening to John Stott's interviews and browsing the numerous articles. What appealed to me the most is this desire to tell the truth about Christianity.