Err, what's the name of this rapace please?

This morning, as I was about to do my bible reading, I was admiring the many birds in the garden. Last night I put some breadcrumbs out and I was able to count at least six types of birds, enjoying their feed. Then came the squirrels equally busy looking for nuts. At that moment, Camille started to type and all the birds left. I thought that was strange. How could a tiny noise like that scare them so much that they would leave? Suddenly on our fence, straight in front of me, I saw it, a proud sparrow hawk. Zut alors! No camera around! A missed opportunity! Still I decided to risk it, ran silently upstairs, snatched my camera and ran downstairs on my tiptoes. I went out. All I could hear was the sound of annoyed and scared birds warning each other of danger. And then I saw it again, in my friend Sue's garden, perched on the feeder! He stooped but missed and came back on the perch, almost posing!
Have a blessed week-end, the first of 2014.
Sparrow hawk in my friend Sue's garden

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