His love is constant

With these words we lift our heads above our individual struggles and come in imagination to the Temple. 'All the earth is invited (v 1) You are probably reading this alone at home but imagine yourself coming in a great joyful crowd. You are probably reading silently, but in imagination shout and sing (vs 1,2) This is exuberant joyful worship.

The other nations worshipped gods who were territorial, vengeful, unpredictable, remote and unconcerned with humankind.
 Our God revealed himself to Moses not only as 'just and right', as we noted in Psalm 99 but also as one whose love and faithfulness endure for ever (v 5). The two words, love and faithfulness are often found in the Old Testament in conjunction with the words 'justice' and 'righteousness'.

God loves us! His love is not like the human love that evaporates when the lover finds a more attractive object for his or her affections, or turns its back in anger when the person loved offends.

We do not constantly need to worry about losing God's affection. His love is constant and faithful. It is covenant love. When we sin and repent God forgives. Maybe human relationships have scarred us. Come to your heavenly Father and learn what love can be.

No wonder there is joy. This joy, like the Father's love is not like its human counterpart. It is not dependent on transient blessings. It is based on our covenant relationship with the God who loves us. Nothing can take away this joy from the believer.
Have a blessed Sunday. Yours in Christ. N.
Source: Encounter with God. Scripture union
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