March for Jesus

This morning, in church, my hubby talked about the 'March for Jesus' in Brazil. Between 1 and 2 million Brazilian Christians coming from all over the country took to the streets of Sao Paulo. The above photo says it all: it was a complete success. They were singing to gospel music and though it was organised by evangelical groups, other denominations were there too. This march has been held since 1993. Well, I'd loved to see the same thing happening here in the UK. Wouldn't it be fantastic! What are your views on this? Have a blessed week. N.

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Pastor Dave said...

wow! so sad that we dont see this in America. Here the church is divided against one another. My Pastor often reminds us to stop picking on other pastors and churches, they are not your enemy. But here in America that is how the church is unfortunately. we need revival bad..