Brewood week-end part 2

It seems that I wrote part 1 such a long time ago! I meant to post the sequel quickly but circumstances changed. I had to prepare for an interview for yesterday and things got hectic. So, now, I can resume it at last.

Sunday afternoon, Steven and I went walking by the Shropshire Union canal. This is a view from the bridge looking down on the road. From the road, the bridge looks very ordinary so it is a bit of a surprise when you walk up to discover this big canal!

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this cute moor hen

We walked for about two hours which is in itself an exploit! On the way back, I noticed this eco-friendly narrow boat, it has got solar panels and what seems to be a wind turbine. There arn't that many around! We met up quite a number of friendly people, mostly the owners of the narrow boats, busy looking after them.
The sun came out for a while and it was lovely to sit down on a bench by the canal warming up!

I am so glad we spent this week-end relaxing. It helped Steven to recover from his laryingitis quicker!
On the way back, I was so grateful to the Lord, I praised him and glorified him. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and joy. I thanked him for this long week-end, for giving us the opportunity to admire his mighty works. In Jesus's name.