Not an ordinary Sunday! Busy, busy!

When I woke up today, I knew that I had an exceptionnal day ahead.
First I had to catch my husband before he dashed for a service at Hopton church for 9:30. I only spoke to him for 5 min! Then I had another daunting task, to wake up three teenagers Imogen and her friends, Lizzie and Charlotte who went to bed late the previous night and this can be a challenge especially when they have to be ready for church at 11:15.
Before that, I made some fresh coffee. Surprisingly there was a croissant hanging there in the bread box. I never had any trouble waking up Camille, our 18 y.old.
Amazingly, Lizzie was up too, while Imogen was pretending to be still asleep. Come on guys, you have less than 1 hour to get ready. Suddenly we have a situation, Imogen declares she won't go to church. As it is not the first time, I am not too phased! I go back to my office to listen to the latest sermon on Winchester Family church website, here is their link, I recommend it! http://www.winfam.org/Media/AllMedia.aspx Here is a short snipet (my notes) of what i heard :
The uniqueness of Jesus is the only way in which salvation can be given to all nations, every tribe, nation and tongue. Jesus is like a second Adam, he was unique. He is the incarnate God. Only Him can solve the real problem that every human being has, disconnection with God and sins.
He bore our sins on his body on the cross. This is not just a western thing, this is the truth for all nations. We are reconciled to God through Jesus. No other religious teacher died for your sins, rose from the dead. Our focus is on Jesus. Human beings can destroy themselves but cannot save themselves. Salvation is found only one way, through Jesus. By grace. You accept it or not. You cannot alter it.
There is much more.
Then, I gathered the last bits I needed for Sunday school. Eventually the girls are ready.We had a brill service! I enjoyed talking to our friends so much.Thinking again about this hectic morning, I know I couldnt have done any of that without the help of our Saviour!
PS The real date of this post is Sunday 11/01/09. I am regrouping some previous posts!

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