Our week-end 17 miles away from home! (part 1)

Two weeks ago, Steven managed to book a pitch for the caravan in a farm near Brewood. He travelled there on the Thursday while I stayed home with Imogen that evening. She had to sort her bag as she was going to stay Friday night and Saturday night at her best friend! In the morning, everything was going hectic even though I got out of bed at 6 20 ! In the end I left for school right on time without forgetting to warn Imogen about not letting Lucy in the house when she sets off to school. Be reassured, Lucy is the neighbour's cat who thinks she belongs to our house and she has done so even with the previous occupiers. If you let the front door open for 10 sec, she dashes up the stairs and finds a cosy place to sleep on one of the beds! Friday after school, I met up with Steven and we had a lovely diner. Saturday we went to visit Ironbridge.

At lunch time we had a drink and a snack at a delightful pub: the Fat Frog where we found out that the landlord was a French person! Of course, I did wonder! Taking advice of the local people there we walked down the road to see the remnants of the oldfurnace where the iron was melted and brought to the river Severn where they builit the Ironbridge. There were also lots of museums.

A very interesting visit!
In the afternoon, we went to see the Cold War exhibition a the RAF Museum in Cosford.
I do recommend it for those of you who like either planes or history! Lots of parents with school kids, teenagers were there as well visiting and queuing to go on board.