Beer and bible? Do you follow?

Beer and Bible

One particular initiative for 2011 is Beer and Bible which aims to encourage the reading of the Bible in pubs across the diocese. The vision is to have the Bible read in 200 pubs with a focus on seasonal times in the Christian calendar and particularly during Holy Week and Easter.
A variety of social networking sites and web sites are being set up to support this initiative and there will be a wide variety of resources and suggestions about possible approaches. The central aim is the public reading of the Bible, though churches may want to use this opportunity to explore other activities and events in conjunction with this.  To see the video, click here!


A Challenge

We hope that Christians across the diocese will take up the Beer and Bible challenge and help promote this initiative in their churches, parishes, communities and most importantly their pubs!
I found this challenging project on the diocese of Chelmsford website. What do you think? would you want do try a similar project in your area? Let us know. God bless. Your sister in Christ. N.