Creation or evolution?

Lately, it looks as if this question is a source of tension, so much that one may think wise to stay out of it for fear of upsetting one's friend.. In fact there are many Christians who tell me that evolution does not bother them, they add : if it is the big bang, then God created it!
I find it useful to know a bit more about the debate. Somehow, you must have noticed that the evolutionists viewpoints seem to be everywhere, in most of our schools, universities, documentaries and media. However there seems to be cracks in the theory of evolution and the creationists are fighting back for recognition as they believe that the evidence gathered by the evolutionists have not always been accurate for instance..you have heard of the 'missing link' ..but there is MORE!
Interested ? then why don't you visit Dr. Grady Shannon McMurtry's website : http://www.creationworldview.org

Blessings. Yours in Jesus-Christ.