The Venice of the Languedoc!

Later on we went to Sète. I'd never been there before but I knew that it was one of the largest harbours on the Mediterranean. What I did not know is it has been given the name of Venice of the Languedoc!  It is situated between the Thau Lagoon (Etang de Sète), the sea and various canals! Paul Valéry and Georges Brassens are its two most famous people. 

Imogen pausing on the parapet in front of the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Salette (see below). 
 Having a drink in one of the many cafés in the town center.

Walking by the harbour.
We had lunch in one of those restaurants. One of the dishes i had was called the tielle sétoise, a round pastry filled up with octopus pieces in a tomato sauce. 

 View from the mont  St Clair (183 m)

I thought that this tiny street with the washing on the line does look like an Italian street! What do you think?
Have a blessed week-end.