Jousting in Agde

One day we went to Agde, in the Languedoc Roussillon region, and we realised people were getting ready for the Joutes Nautiques (nautical jousting). Apparently this sport has existed in Sete the 25th of August 1743...
The Rules
The tournament starts with a parade of the jousting “knights” with traditional music: oboe and drums are the two main instruments. There is a blue and a red rowboat guided by steersmen and powered by 8 to 10 rowers.
 In the front of the boat, 2 musicians accompany the tournament with a traditional music.
 The jousting members are armed with a spear and protected by a “pavois” (a shield). 
The aim of the game is to make the opponent fall in the water with the spear when the boats pass each other. 

 Hum, wonder who is there, hidden in the crowd!
 The jousting fighters stand on the “tintaine”, a plank set at the back of the boat
 about 2 meters above the water.
 Here is the blue team and the musicians
 Nobody in the water yet!

The red team.
This went on for at least two hours and it was good fun! Here is a splash. I must say that though the sun was out, the temperature of the water was below 16 ...