Swapping clothes..

Saturday night Imo and I met up with our friends Trena and Lizzie in town. We had a curry quite early, we were sitting in the restaurant at about 5:15  the reason being we were going to a 'swapping clothes' event starting at 7:30 in the Christian Elim Centre! We had a lovely time in the restaurant and then we moved to the centre. Everybody invited (ladies mainly only) brought a bag of clothes and then we were given a number of tickets corresponding to the number of items.
While we were having tea and muffins, Mrs. Comfort Owusu Otchere, the Schools Coordinator for International Needs Ghana told us about this Christian organisation where she has worked for 17 years. One of their success stories is how they managed to rescue young children at risk while working for fishermen, children as young as five. If they'd drown while repairing the nets or the boats, nobody would report them.  A high percentage of them managed to attend one of the schools provided by IN, International Needs. They also provide healthcare and have an anti-slavery programme.
Do you want to help too or do you wish to find out more? Click on this link:  http://www.innetwork.org.gh/
Let us pray for the churches, the church planters and their families, and everybody involved in the organisation. May the Lord gives them strength and guidance for the success of their projects. In Jesus-Christ. Amen. Also here is the link of their 'gifts of compassion' shop : http://ineeds.mimegraphics.com/index.php?education We had a fantastic evening. Blessings.