May the Lord bless you in abundance...

There comes a time when actions count more than words but also you may want to count your blessings.  When things go well in your life it is equally important to recognise that the Lord is blessing you and that your cup is full. When you feel that you are experiencing trials and tribulations then you may need to think hard and ask the Lord to help you get things right. Hopefully, your situation can improve quickly, whatever your downfall is, it may pick up again in a matter of months. However, you may not be off the hook so easily. You may have forgotten that the Lord is also your Heavenly father, Abba, and therefore entitled to train you in order to equip you for your calling.
Of course at the time of the trials, it does not feel anything like that.  I remember that last year from September to Christmas  I only worked for 2 weeks  even though I regularly checked the papers and rang my agents   The Lord showed me that I’d done something wrong earlier that year when I finished a contract abruptly for another one.  I had to humble myself and put things right. I recall that at the time I’d found a whole pile of reasons why I was entitled to end things abruptly, still I was in the wrong.  Later one my agent found me a great job, unexpectedly better in all areas..
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