A Maundy Thursday Meditation: the last supper

The bible is full of diners from Adam and Eve feasting on the forbidden fruit ending up with blaming each other. During the last supper, Judas deceitfulness is exposed. Every meal can turn into a critical situation. This is the place where people dominate, gossip, exacerbate others. It would take a novelist or a psychologist to.... Cats and dogs don't have a meal and the same goes for the sheep and goats grazing. Learning to share a meal sitting down round at a table is an important social skill. A meal is an essential part of a growing adult. It is a great day for the family when a child is able to sit at a table. Clearing the table and washing up are part of the process. There is a moral significance in meals. Jesus practised what he preached when he was eating with outcasts. An occasion to reflect..