Have a blessed NEW YEAR 2010

We wish you a blessed NEW YEAR 2010..
So we went to the Holly Bush in Salt, it was busy but not too packed and
 we were sitted near the fire, warm and cosy..
 cornish brie in cranberry sauce for the birthday boy...
.green mussels with a mediterranean sauce for me
greek lamb with chips for Steven
mixed grill with chips and mixed vegetables for me
we asked to see the desert card but then decided there was no way we could eat anymore
so we went back home..
Verdict, lovely meal though a little bit too copious..still, there will not be any snacking until midnight !
Update on the evening
ligth entertainment provided by Faulty Towers...hilarious at times,
 absolutely bonkers, very good in small dose !!!
Blessings to all of you. In Jesus-Christ.