The 31st of december is always a special...

...day as it is Steven's birthday..We got up late, then unloaded the dishwasher, tried to book diner at the bank house but they're not serving food tonight, had coffee, did our bible reading, watched the birds, apparently there is a bullfinch that comes now and again, Steven saw it but I did not. The biggest job was trying to wake up Imogen. Somehow, in spite of our repetitive calls to go to bed at midnight, she stayed late watching a film..and went to sleep at 2ish !!. The postman delivered one of Steven's presents, from sister Pauline.
Steven opened his presents, socks, fish socks, a beautiful fish mug, a cristal tankard, a bottle of w..., a belt, an amplifier and a few other bits..Still no sight of Imogen.. At about 1pm we had a bite to eat, some smoked salmon and a few salad leaves..Imogen appeared..then a bit of seriously chocolate cake..By then Steven was on the phone to Dad and found it difficult to blow the candle..one of those that relight.
.After that, we went to Stone to buy some more food for the rabbit and seeds for the birds, had a drink in the Swan.. Camille rang me with some good news, her friend Cheryl will help her moving out of her room tomorrow.. I was a bit concerned  so I praise the Lord. Now we are watching this sweet and crazy comedy Overboard, Goldie Horne..
After that, we will go to the Holly Bush Inn in Salt.the good thing about it is that you dont need to book !
Have a blessed New Year's Eve !...