Bristol - Limoges

10:40. Limoges airport was full of expats waiting for their beloved to come through customs and it took more time than usual, half an hour! My sister-in -law Pauline did not show any sign of nervosity after her flight but I know how hard it's been for her to come to visit us by plane. She did think of coming by coach but it would have taken 23 hours (Bristol - Poitiers) 
Last time she flew to Spain was 16 years ago and she just remembered the scary turbulences! 
The first thing she told me about the flight was that the Lord gave her peace of mind before the flight and she felt very grateful! 
We are proud of her and so pleased that she made it. Tomorrow is market day in Civray, then we'll have a walk round the town. 
It's been a warm day here and I hear that in Bristol, it was pouring all day.