Dancing with Matt?

At the beginning of the week, my hubby asked me where is Matt? I was pretty busy and kind of said, err who is Matt? and got on with what I was doing. Finally Steve sent me the link to the video and the question is actually, where the hell is Matt! Don't ask me why..Just enjoy because after a while, when you start watching the video, you just want to laugh! Hope it's not just me!
A bit of background found on the site:
Matt mostly just danced in front of iconic landmarks, but along the way he went to a country called Rwanda, and since there aren't any landmarks in Rwanda that you'd want to dance in front of, instead he just went to a small village and danced with a bunch of kids. The kids joined him immediately and without hesitation. That ended up being the best thing that happened to him on the trip. The kids taught him that people are a whole lot more interesting than old landmarks and monuments.
Matt went back to Stride and told them he did it all wrong and they needed to send him around the planet again. They said, "Okay," and in 2008 he put out another video that showed thousands of people laughing, smiling, and goofing around together. It took him five years and three tries, but he finally got it right that time.
The internet exploded. Matt briefly went from quasi-famous to not-entirely-un-famous. Visa hired him to do his dance in a series of TV ads that air across Asia and the Middle East, which introduced him to a thing called "Business Class," and meant he didn't have to worry so much about money anymore. He settled down with Melissa in Seattle, Washington and bought a house.

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