Celestina Mba sues over Sunday shifts

In my inbox, I received a Prayer Alert: Sunday working case from Christian Concern. You may have heard of the case already. Here are the facts if you haven't. Christian children’s worker Celestina Mba is taking The Mayor and the London Borough of Merton to the Court of Appeal tomorrow (Wednesday 23 October) over their refusal to provide Reasonable Accommodation for her devoutly held Christian beliefs. Before Celestina began working for Brightwell Children’s Home in London, she agreed with her employers that she would not work on Sundays in accordance with her Christian beliefs. But the Council changed the arrangement soon after she started the job, saying that the arrangement was temporary, forcing her to choose between her job and her Christian observance. If successful, the case could be a benchmark for thousands of Christians in England now ‘forced’ to work on Sundays if they are to keep their jobs. Join Christian Concern team and us in ours prayers :
For a successful and just outcome
For wisdom for the judges
For barrister Paul Diamond who will be arguing in court on behalf of Celestina
That Celestina and her legal team would experience “the peace of God which transcends all understanding” during the proceedings
For fair and accurate news coverage
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