Update on Give hope ministries

I am sure that you will be interested to visit Give Hope Ministries website and see the new photos posted there. Exciting development are happening and the Lord has been so gracious to all the team. Click on the link here 
You will find also that they opened doors to Proverbs Junior Academy. I quote: 'This term we have over 60 kids enrolled and we will be adding more kids next term. Additionally, we have been blessed to complete construction of the classrooms and are nearing completion of the doors, windows, and interior paintwork. This semester, there are several orphans attending the school. As we learn the process of documentation of new orphans and begin the construction of home units, more will be admitted.
Two women from Pennsylvania visited the school recently to help train and provide resources for our teachers. They also spent some time with the students and brought a number of school supplies. We are so grateful to our volunteers!
Please join us in prayers and support this ministry in Busia, Uganda. Blessings. N.

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