Created to be his Help Meet

I bought this book Created to be his Help Meet written by Debi Pearl about three months ago along with another one that I started to read first. Two weeks ago, I went back to our house to get a few more books as we are not sure how long we will have to stay in our temporary home. The author claims that 'it is possible today to have a marriage so good and so fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle'.
So, I have started to read this book, about fourty pages and I realise that it deals not only with serious matters but also controversial issues, such as gender equality.
No wonder there are also some groups of Christians who wanted to discuss  its content. It is written in an unexpected light-hearted and lively manner so you can explore it at your leisure.
It comes with one warning: once you start, you may not want to stop reading it.
"If you are a wife, you were created to fill a need, and in that capacity you are a "good thing," a helper suited to the needs of a man. This is how God created you and it is your purpose for existing. You are, by nature, equipped in every way to be your man's helper. ... You were created to make him complete, not to seek personal fulfillment parallel to him. " (p.21)
You may want to read another review of this book written by Elizabeth. The topic is presented in such a controversial way that there has been blog discussion against or for! Are you up to the challenge? Read it and let me know what you think. If you have already read it, we are ready to hear your comments.
Created to be his Help Meet

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