Love abounds.

Hello to my blogger friends and welcome to you, new visitors.
As I haven't been able to hack into my hubby's computer wanting to 'borrow' his much nice photos of the nut-hatch, this is the only one decent I have. He is turning his back and as you surely know he is a  fast eater. This was shot on a Saturday just before Christmas.
I can get quite involved with things such as reading or even house chores and neglect others even if I like them. So over the Christmas holidays, I took a few photos and I never had time to save them on my computer, ready to be used for later.
Photos tell stories and the girls will tell you that I did not bake any cakes until after Christmas..my excuse, I had to finish buying presents and what started with a sneeze on the 22nd of Dec ended up as a bearable but tiring cold with the unavoidable aches..
So here is the traditional 'buche au chocolat et au café' or log, following my late mum's recipe with coffee and chocolate. My husband is not keen on it so I did try another recipe, and this one contained 'crème de marron' chestnut purée, Imo ate quite a bit but no one else was keen! We were also so blessed to have all the children over Christmas.

 We attempted to a quick walk by the canal and I thought this horse looked so cute with his leopard cover! Finally, Mr Squirrel always comes and pries on the birds' seeds. I hope that you too can look back over the Season with joy. We are counting our blessings and praising the Lord for them. N.
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