Our Jubilee Mission

Our Jubilee Mission is imminent now. The tent is being installed as I write, I hear that the bacon is cooked and bacon butties distributed to the workers! along with a mug of tea of course.. Do come and hear a different speaker every night from the 14th to the 20th. Invite a friend and enjoy. 

Prayer Pointers for our Jubilee Mission

That the name of Jesus is honoured, the message of salvation and hope are clearly explained.
Praise God for who he is, what he has done and is going to do.
That people of no faith come to faith, that people of lost faith rediscover it, those with question and doubts surrounding faith see clearly and that people of faith are greatly encouraged and strengthened.
All the speakers
People who are invited to tell something of 'their story and journey of faith'.
Those involved in the after schools sessions.
All plans and preparations.
For fine weather as we hope to be using a marquees - this is now urgent in view of the current rain and poor conditions on the field.
The team running the meetings for young people.

Here is the information for the youngsters. To read more, visit the mid-trent churches website.. http://www.midtrentchurches.org.uk/
May you have a blessed week-end. N.
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