I ask God...

"I Ask God"

I ask God?
I ask ... well?
For rest with this weariness,
I ask God to take care of it,
I ask God to break the chains and bonds,
I ask God to touch my brothers,
I ask God to deliver them from Satan's clenches,
I ask God to hobble their heart and spirit,
I ask God in His Holy Spirit grace them,
I ask God unify, seal and armor their spirit in His right name.
 written by Feon Davis 
This poem touched my heart and my soul tonight. Sometimes, you do not know how to express what you are feeling, words do not seem to convey your heart's distress, images appear then move away fleetingly and you are left with a bitter taste. When I read this prayer, everything became much clearer. Our God has compassion and mercy on us and our brothers. Praise the Lord for his generosity and unfailing love!