Free to be

Either time is going too fast or I have being distracted too much. The reason is that I thought I'd posted the following notes but found it in the draft box! So here it is...nearly 3 weeks later..

Last Saturday, we went to the renewal day at Lichfield Cathedral. As always, it was excellent and inspirational (and do not think that I am on commission!) The worship was lead by the group Rumour and the music was great.

This time I thought that I would film part of it! As it happened,   I managed to film Ali Summers' presentation but unfortunately my battery ran out at the beginning of Ian Parkinson's speech. Both bible teachings referred to the theme of freedom to be us, children of God, set free by Jesus, and living to the full.
It was such a blessing to hear both speakers as what they were saying was uplifting, edifying and true to the Word of God.
Blessings, yours in Christ. N.
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