Teach schoolgirls to say 'no to sex', Tory MP says

Teenage girls should be taught the benefits of abstinence to cut sexually-transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies, MPs have been told.

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said all schoolgirls should be given lessons in “how to say no” as part of a new-style sex education curriculum.
Speaking in the Commons, she insisted society was "saturated in sex", with pupils currently being shown how to put condoms on bananas and self-diagnose diseases but not to reject sexual advances altogether.
Mrs Dorries, a mother-of-three and well-known anti-abortion campaigner, insisted her Bill was “about giving empowerment to young girls”.
"Society is saturated in sex," she said. "We need to let young girls know that to say no to sex when you're under pressure is a cool thing to do."
She said teachers should make teenagers more aware of the benefits of choosing not to have sex as part of traditional sex education lessons.
The early sexualisation of girls was being fuelled by television references to sex, newsagents stocking pornographic magazines and high street stores that sell provocative items such as padded bikinis for seven-year-olds, she added.
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