On your bike!

When we went to our PCC meeting tonight, I noticed it was rather cold, wet and blustery. Time to look at the holiday snaps! The first photo is a view of the campsite La Condamine, the equivalent of a CL but not just for caravans as tents are welcome too. They had showers as well. We decided to take our bikes only days before going and it was just as well  as otherwise, we would have had to use the car everyday. The second photo is by the beach in La Capte, in the peninsula of Gien. That day, we calculated we rode our bikes for 17 miles..

The rest of the photos:  we drove to the old medieval village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, sitting on a the flank of the Maures mountains. I fell in love with its   narrow streets, pretty squares, covered passages and lots of craft shops. There were a few houses for sale..We climbed up to the top of the hills and admired the view on the Lavendou, the harbour and the Mediterranean.
 Today, Steven went to Norfolk pick up dad and they were back at 1:30. It's lovely to see him again. Imogen was off college today after two induction days and tomorrow she starts at 1:00. Not bad!
Blessings. N.