Authentic Christianity

Spending those few days in Italy with Camille was truly delightful! Spending the night in Milan airport to catch the 6:15 Ryanair flight to EMA was a nightmare, unlike Stansted airport, there was no comfortable seats but everybody apart from me seemed to know that and were cosy in their sleeping-bags! I had two hours sleep and spent the rest of the night reading The diary of a Country Priest by Georges Bernanos: le Journal d'un curé de campagne. A very interesting read!
I wanted to sort out all the photos but somehow I have ran out of time!
Tonight, Steven has cooked a casserole with chicken livers, herbs and various beans, a tasty winter warmer (I know spring is coming) that is if you like liver! The other day, he did a similar version with chicken thighs! Delicious.

After diner, I picked up Authentic Christianity by Richard Taylor. I have just read the first two chapters called The Losses in the Garden Choices and found them to be edifying and encouraging. I like what I read! Let me quote you a powerful message: ..the real purpose of attending church is to be equipped for the work of the ministry that will take place when we leaver the safe confines of the church building. In other words, every Christian should be doing outreach. Then I ask myself this question, do I do this? Something to meditate! Blessings, Yours in Christ. N