Protecting children!

Mothers’ Union believes children should be valued as children, not consumers. Yet marketers target children’s natural inexperience in order to reach the household purse
Their Bye Buy Childhood campaign aims to empower families to challenge the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood through positive action.
Join their campaign to say “bye bye” to buying childhood. Giving children the message that they are what they own, rather than being valued for who they are, can negatively affect their wellbeing. Nearly three-fifths of parents believe that advertising seen by children can be harmful to them. Using sex to sell to children is particularly objectionable and 80% of parents are concerned about the impact of sexualised content in television, films, magazines and the internet on their children.
This is such an important issue. Somehow in our world, it looks as if children are robbed of their childhood, they are under pressure to conform to adult fantasies. Their innocence is at stake. In my view, I would say that the way films are categorised in 12 and 15 is not effective. What do you think ?
 It is the same with magazines and their never-ending gossips. It becomes more and more difficult for parents to monitor what their children read or watch. Then begins a huge task to counteract the effect of those violent, wicked stories, where evil seems to dominate love and loyalty. I am not even going to start mentioning the soap operas! Let me know what you think. I hope that Mothers Union challenge is going to be successful and show that parents do care for their children. Yours in Christ. N.

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Christmas-etc... said...

I couldn't agree more with you! I am so sad for children of today - all the colorful plastic toys they are subjected to alone!
Poor little dears!
Such a great post!
Many blessings!