Christianity and other faiths (part 2)

Post modernism means 'select what suit you', 'pick and choose', 'my experience is self-validated', 'there is no absolute'. This understanding of life is 6000 years old. There are 3three million of Hinduist Gods however hinduism has got no foundation. In Christ you have someone who has the audacity to say: I am the ultimate truth. Truly, truly, I say. This claim that fascinated the gentiles is just as great now as in Jesus' time. 19 So the Pharisees said to one another, “See, this is getting us nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after him!” John 12:19. 
Our faith can come from a variety of sources. Looking at nature, rainbow, birds, you can be ecstatic. Surely there is a designer. In nature, we have clues of a divine being. Hinduism is based on an intuitive speculation. Islam shares one understanding with us, that God is an external being, not a product of our psyche. Muslims say we are all people of a book and claim the Coran is the last testament. If you tell them that Jesus is unique, this is not an argument.  The Muslims argue that they have the finality of revelation and will tell you that 
the Jews use the Old Testament, the Christians, the New Testament and the Muslims have the final product! Give me a break! Jesus is the alpha and the omega. Jesus is the ONLY testament! Time and knowledge is contained in him. 
God challenges us to go out and tell others the Good News. In our obedience, we are being changed. By being vulnerable, we begin to have a deeper appreciation of God and his love. 
Notes written at Doxey. Speaker: Rev. Canon George Kovoor
It looks as if we are snowed in tonight so I am not even sure that the school will be open tomorrow! We shall see. Blessings. Yours in Christ. N.