Jesus is our Prince of Peace

What are holidays for?
I am sure that you all have a very good answer and maybe it will match mine. To refresh; to experience a change of scene and a warmer weather? Do let me know.
We could have gone back to the Camargue as we thoroughly enjoyed it last year but we wanted a change.
Since our first day in Valras plage, the Med has been so cold that nobody dared swim in it. It doesn't stop the children to have fun paddling and building sand castles. Yesterday, the wind stopped and we managed to swim. 
Now, are you one of those who like to be active during their hols or you'd rather read on the beach. We do  a bit of both, getting up at ninish, exploring castles (Carcassone) and places (Narbonne, Agde..) taking photos, socialising and the inevitable food-shopping. We also had to fit in walking on the beach, picking up shells, looking for the biggest grasshoppers in the garrigue..(photos to come soon)
Last Sunday we worshipped in  in the Eglise Evangelique libre de Beziers and met new brothers and sisters, Joseph and Anne-Marie. We had the pleasure of hearing a visiting pastor preaching on Jesus, the Prince of peace. It was awesome and timely to hear those comforting words as there'd been trouble in the campsite very near us as late one night, a young father got quarellous after a drink too many and was told to leave in the morning.
Peace be with you. In Jesus' name.


Honeycombs said...

Hi Nicky
Sounds like you enjoyed the holiday and had a good time. It's always nice to meet brothers and sisters in the Lord. Enjoy the rest of the break.
Blessings. Jean

Crystal Mary said...

God is good and you are so blessed dear sister-in Christ. Hugs