Go back and be happy!

 During the half-term hols, I started to read 'Go back and be Happy' by Julie Papievis, an amazing story. Somehow I progressed slowly as it is an emotional read and I had to put the book down and wait for a few days before resuming it. This is how Julie introduces it on her website:  
On May 10, 1993 my life was changed forever because someone ran a red light.  After a life-threatening car accident, I suffered a severe brain stem injury and medically died, rating a "3", the lowest number possible on the Glascow Coma Scale.  According to medical experts, 96% of the people with such a severe injury either die or remain permanently comatose.  The few who survive typically face a non-functional life.  I completely beat the odds even though I remained in a coma for over a month. Paralyzed and unconscious, I was transferred to the locked brain injury wing of a rehabilitation facility, where I awakened with vivid memories of my near death experience.  During "death" I saw my grandmothers in heaven.  They instructed me to "Go back and be happy" and assured me that my body would heal.  Although medical experts said I would never walk again, or be able to take care of myself, I didn't listen.  I believed the words of my grandmothers.
If you want to find out more, here is Julie's website. 
Have a blessed evening, in Christ.