How much of an optimist are you?

As it is the beginning of a New Year, we cannot help thinking about new beginnings. Most people will even go far as taking new resolutions and endeavour to hold them. I am not sure what is the most popular resolution now : spending less, losing weight, travelling more, making more friends, finding a wife or a husband, making more money, sticking to one's job. Some of us may be more pessimist, say, realist and not bother as they think they will fail them quickly.
As a Christian who believe in the Good News that Jesus was raised from the dead and is alive, I should always be an optimist. What about you? Do you always live in the joy of our Lord’s resurrection? Do you always reflect that in your daily lives? Well, if i answer this question truthfully, i admit that I've had my moments of pessimistic weakness. This afternoon, as I was reading 2 Timothy 1 6-7, Paul reminds us ' to fan into flame the gift of God'..further down, he encourages us even more : , Jesus-Christ who has detroyed death and has brought immortality and life through the gospel.. Paul'se exhortation is extremely clear.
The minute we have become Christians and put our trust in Jesus, then we should be optimist, and with all what it entails, happiness, joy.. in Christ we are promised the best possible outcome. In John 14:2 Jesus tells us : I am going there (my father's house) to prepare a place for you.
If you are not a Christian, the Good News if  for you too. .. God our Savior, .. wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:3-5.

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