How can we help Haiti's people ?

Tearfund have dispatched emergency funds to help survivors of the devastating earthquake that has hit Haiti, including the densely populated capital Port-Au-Prince and the surrounding area. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and millions of people live in the affected area. Many buildings have been destroyed or badly damaged in the capital Port-au-Prince, including the presidential palace and the five-storey UN offices.  Looking at the pictures on the news is so upsetting. Today, the papers were reporting that armed gangs were louting in town. 
EAUK's member organisations are responding swiftly to this disaster
They include….
Tearfund which has dispatched emergency funds and a response team
Samaritan's Purse which is sending a disaster assistance team and mobilising resources
World Vision which has 370 staff in country and is providing immediate relief for victims
World Emergency Relief which is providing emergency supplies
Compassion has mobilised its Disaster Relief Fund
WorldShare are channelling funds through their partners working in Haiti on the ground                           Mission Aviation Fellowship have three aircraft based on west coast of Haiti. Medical supplies are being flown in.
Please consider whether you can support or donate to these efforts. Each of the above have an appeal or you can donate to The Disasters Emergency Committee.

As Evangelical Alliance member organisations respond to the earthquake in Haiti, the Alliance is calling on Christians to pray for the survivors and the relief efforts. 
The earthquake, which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, struck on January 12. Relief and development agencies, including Alliance members, responded immediately, deploying staff and creating emergency appeals. Magalie Boyer from World Vision, who have 370 staff in the country, spoke of the earthquake: "It felt as if a truck had hit a wall. There is extensive damage in the city. People had to spend the night in the streets. They are not comfortable staying in their houses." Boyer added: "World Vision Haiti will distribute first aid kits to survivors, along with basic materials such as soap, blankets, clothes and bottles of water as an initial response."