Thoughts for Christmas

So have you finished your Christmas shopping ? This year I have spent less time going round the shops just because I consider that my time is very precious. I knew more or less what the children wanted and I had to make a wild guess for my husband as usual. Then again, his birthday is on the 31st of december and I knew what he wanted for that. I managed to go on the internet and order early. Two hiccups, the mobile I ordered never arrived on the following day as it was claimed. Apparently the transaction did not take place and I had to reorder it again ! Something else went wrong, the trousers I ordered never arrived, instead, i got an email telling me they were out of stock and my money was refunded. I was going to order some perfume on a French website but I did not in the end, just as well as the Euro has gone up so much.
At the beginning of December, I asked my students what was Christmas about ? The younger said : it's about Santa, it's about presents, lots of them.. Then I said : think again ! So the answers were wiser : it's when Jesus was born. Others remember the three wise men led by the star of David. Who knows if they are going to church on Christmas day ? A few raised their hands. I told them that millions of Christians in the world would gather in churches to celebrate Christmas. A reassuring thought.
Tonight, for the first time, we gathered at the pub and sang carols Come and Join the celebration, Light of the world, the millenium prayer, our Father, Saviour's day, Cliff Richard's song, Hosanna Rock. We didn't know how many people were going to turn up. In the end, about 80 turned up. The children enjoyed singing as well. The vicar was playing his guitar brilliantly, Maureen, superb musician, playing the violin and the keyboard. This was such a lovely evening. Praise the Lord!