Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.

We did have a really good time. On Christmas Eve we went to Christingle, at church. We met lots of friends there and we had a fantastic time singing carols, praising the Lord. The girls were there too so I felt so happy. The children read so well too. In the evening, the girls and I made the cafe buche,an old French recipe for a coffee cake in shape of a log.
On Christmas day, we went to another service and we met more friends, sang different carols and it was so enjoyable. Somehow, opening presents took for ages. I can't help noticing the difference between the presents I used to receive when I was a child, for example, a home-made jumper and 3 classic novels compared to what is acceptable now! Then we had diner later on! I am so lucky, my hubby loves cooking and he prepared everything, smoked salmon, avocado and salad for starter, then turkey and goose with home-made stuffing (with sage and chestnuts), leeks, parsnips, sprouts, roasted potatoes, carrots, then the cafe buche. Fabulous diner. Later on we got in touch with other family members, my auntie who lives in Nice and our dad who is in Norfolk. Our sister Pauline who is a nurse and was working texted us too from Wales. Family is so important, don't you agree ?