God pointing...Spirit leading..Kingdom coming..

‘Spirit-led Discipleship’
Leader: George Fisher

One of the ‘in’ words at the moment is discipleship, and rightly so. However, in most teaching and training on discipleship the Holy Spirit is hardly ever mentioned. This workshop will examine the vital role of the Holy Spirit in our discipleship and explore how being more open to the Spirit leads us to become effective disciples of Jesus.

‘Hearing & discerning the voice of God’
Leader: Tim Storey

In a world of noise and 24/7 information coming at us from all directions, it is increasingly hard to hear the still small voice of God. Whilst we may be able to take time out to go where it is quiet for a while, what about the rest of the time? Come along and let’s work out together how we can make sure God doesn’t just get a word in edgeways but that His voice is loud and clear in our lives each day.

‘Healing of past hurts’
Leader: Ali Summers

Discovering the inner journey of wholeness, freedom and intimacy that Jesus invites us into. We will explore some of the available prayer models which help us to find breakthrough in identifying lies and choosing forgiveness and healing.

‘Engaging in Worship’
Leader: Matt Hird

We will be exploring what engaging in worship means outside of the big events and conferences – how can we experience spirit-filled worship without a big band? There will be an opportunity to share insights as well as some practical tips for creating space for worshippers to encounter the Holy Spirit. Come willing to share and to receive.

‘Restoring the Apple’
Leaders: John Alessi and Carl Washington

It is often the case that the ministry of deliverance, particularly in the church in the West, is viewed with suspicion. It can seem archaic and weird, but the reality is quite the opposite, there are very powerful spiritual, emotional, and psychological dynamics that need to be addressed. If we are to see the glory of God in our communities we have to get the deliverance ministry back into the mainstream of the church, where it is seen as a component part of the body of Christ. In the ministry of Jesus, his deliverance ministry is one of the most outstanding features of his time on earth, and so it should be for us. The workshop will challenge our thinking of a ministry that is often overlooked

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