10 + things to do if you and your children are bored during the holidays

Why don't you...take the time to check who JESUS really was! Check out the truth of the gospels.  Take some steps of faith!

  1.  Listen in to Jesus' Parables
  2.   Begin a new life with God i.e. read this New Testament that you took back home (last hols in Devon)
  3.    Ask a question i.e. find a vicar and ask him/her those questions about life that keep bothering you...
  4.   Give to the homeless 
  5. Pray for a friend
  6. Light a light
  7. Throw away a stone
  8. Look at the cross
  9.  Get with creation
  10. Visit a church
  11. Follow a prayer recipe What is praying? something complex? not at all
  12. Don't worry Jesus himself gives us this advice!
  13. Make a "why God ? " list
  14. Join a local church course
  15. Pray for an enemy
  16. Give up something that matters 
  17. Repent! I did and I felt so much better
  18. Forgive someone and start anew 
Inspired by the rejesus website, click here and your life will be turned uspside down for the better! Don't forget to let us know how you got on! N.